Silver Creek

Silver Creek represents a fictitious logging camp in 1930s Colorado, centred on a locomotive maintenance and repair facility, operated by the equally fictitious Campbell Lumber Company. The name Silver Creek comes from the deposits of that precious metal recovered during the late part of the previous century. Most of the silver has long been exhausted but the occasional prospector can still be found ‘working the creek’ in the vain hope of a lucky strike. The loco facility serves a wide variety of logging locomotives, including the classic Climax, Shay and Porters, as well as larger steamers and a variety of diesel critters, all of which may be seen on the layout.

Modelled in On30, the layout is DCC operated with Peco O16.5 track and point motors. It features a variety of stock, both detailed ready-to-run and kit built, featuring a mixture of sound and non-sound equipped locos. Buildings are a mixture of scratch-built and craftsman’s kits, including a two stall engine house with car repair facility.

Silver Creek is currently undergoing modifications, and is expected to be available for exhibitions in 2015.


To book Silver Creek for your exhibition, please contact Paul Joel on 01489 574182.