Southolt, the club’s 7mm scale layout, was inspired by the new generation of senior scale layouts pioneered by the likes of Iain Rice (his book “Finescale in small spaces”) and Gordon Gravett (of “Ditchling Green” fame). The layout uses the sort of space more usually used for 4mm scale, and will make clever use of visual effects to create interest. The passenger station will be mainly “offstage”; there will be a canal basin with long boat and loading stage; sidings and running lines will wind between warehouses and sheds to present an intriguing and ever-changing view of a railway going about its business in an urban setting…

Southolt is described as a ’small’ layout (as if anything in O gauge is small) based somewhere in West London. This would have originally been built by the LNWR (London & North Western Railway), but these yards were taken over by the GWR and LMS. This means it could be possible to see on the layout various locos and stock from all three different companies at different times in its history, ie LNWR period, which means that the layout can be updated if desired at a later stage.