Leicester (Belgrave Road) wins ‘Best Layout in Show’ Award

Steve Flint (left) presents the award to members of Abingdon & District MRC

Leicester (Belgrave Road), the 4mm OO Gauge layout by Abingdon & District MRC, was awarded the Peco Publications ‘Best Layout in Show’ award by Railway Modeller magazine Editor Steve Flint at FebEx2020.

About Leicester Belgrave Road

The Great Northern entered Leicester from the east in 1883 with grand ideas, and built a 6 track station with twin overall roof like the one at Kings Cross but they could only manage 4 trains a day to Peterborough (until 1916) and six trains a day to Grantham (until 1953).

The main passenger traffic was the excursions to Skegness and Mablethorpe. This alone remained until closure to passengers in 1962.

Freight was more successful with the goods warehouse well used until closure of the line in 1964. Nothing remains of the station, goods warehouse or any associated railway buildings.

Using modellers licence, Leicester (Belgrave Road) was a great success with express trains via Peterborough to Kings Cross and via Newark to the north as well as the excursions to the east coast and local services to Grantham, Nottingham and Market Harborough.

Freight services flourished (as in real life) with large movement of coal, oil, scrap metal and a vast amount of merchandise traffic in vans and open vehicles.

The station entered the diesel age with a refuelling depot, and this is the period we choose to model (1950s and 1960s) when steam locos in their twilight rubbed shoulders with new diesels in resplendent green.