Full layout details for FebEx2019

Full details of each of the layouts that attended FebEx2019 are available by selecting the appropriate layout below.

Clearwater Harbour

A freelance 0n30 line featuring scratch built track and buildings, operating barge loading from side tip wagons. Essentially a minimum space freelance railway on three baseboards.

Clyre Valley Railway

The layout represents a 2’3” main line narrow gauge railway, not in the first flush of youth, but well maintained and capable of handling fairly heavy traffic.

Glyn Valley Tramway

The layout is a compressed model of Glynceiriog station, (the passenger terminal) on the quarry line between an interchange wharf on the Shropshire union canal, or G.W.R. exchange sidings at Chirk, North Wales, and numerous granite quarries 9 miles away.

Habbaniya, Iraq 1941

The model shows the situation on 1st May 1941, the eve of the battle. It is in forced perspective with scales from 1/32 at the front to 1/700 at the back giving a flavour of the base and its aircraft.


Originally constructed and built as Kitehouses by Dave Hawkins and Tony Sullivan of the South Hants MRC. KITEDALE has now been moved to Lancashire, to become an ex Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway terminus to the north of Rochdale, with a connection to the Oldham Loop Line.

Normandy Junction Shed

Exhibited by the Guildford O Gauge Group, Normandy Junction Shed includes a traverser and the entrance to the loco works.

North Ealing

North Ealing was built as a Fifty something layout for the fiftieth anniversary of The Three Millimetre Society challenge.

Priors End

Priors end is a small end of the line station, with a goods yard and EMU stabling point. The layout is based on the southern region in the 1970’s with 2-car HAP’s and EPB’s on passenger duties and 33’s and 73’s operating the fiddle yard.

Santa Agueda

Santa Águeda (pronounced Agatha) is a fictitious small town to the north of Lisbon. Portuguese railways have charmed enthusiasts for many years, with stock built all over Europe and North America, and a unique architecture.

Scratchy Bottom Halt

Scratchy Bottom Halt represents a small part of Rowland Emett’s railway world, re-creating in model form some of his railway cartoons.

Solent Summit

Solent Summit is a modular American N scale layout by members of the Gosport American Model Railroad Group. It was started in 2010 and is made up of some key modules that are club owned, and others built and owned by members.

Whitedown MPD

Whitedown MPD is a fictitious depot somewhere in Hampshire. It features both steam and diesel locomotives from the 50s and 60s.