Freight Yard in Continental Modeller

Freight Yard in February Continental Modeller

In a first for the Group, we have had a layout featured in a magazine – Pine Bluffs Freight Yard was featured in the February 2015 issue of Continental Modeller.

With images by the magazine, and text by Group member Roger Joel, the Freight Yard featured over an 8 page spread, and includes full and close-up images, descriptions of the modular approach, plans and even an extract from the ‘Pine Bluffs Gazette’.

The article is intended to be the first of 3, with each focusing on a different module of the full Pine Bluffs and Red Dot Mine layout, plus background on the layout, stock, modelling, operation and more.

The second part, about Pine Bluffs Depot, and the third, about Red Dot Mine, will feature in future editions during the year, in the run-up to the full layouts debut at 2016’s Taunton exhibition.

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