Clyre Valley wins ‘Best Layout in Show’ Award

OO9 layout Clyre Valley was awarded this years Peco Publications shield for ‘Best Layout in Show’ by Railway Modeller editor Steve Flint at FebEx2019.

In presenting the award Steve Flint said:

“In seeking out a suitable candidate for the Railway Modeller award for the best layout in show, I look for something that is a little bit different from the norm, has been modelled to a good standard, though not necessarily to finescale standards, and can also hold the attention of the audience.”

“This year with the Clyre Valley Railway it was pleasing to see an extensive narrow gauge 009 layout which portrayed an entire line from terminus to terminus, rather than just the more usual single station on a compact board. It also depicted the banking operations on a ‘real’ 1 in 30 gradient, something very unusual for 009.”

Steve Flint presents the award to Clyre Valley

About Clyre Valley

The layout represents a 2’3” main line narrow gauge railway, not in the first flush of youth, but well maintained and capable of handling fairly heavy traffic. 

Set in Cornwall the railway handles significant mineral traffic, in this case China Clay, as well as healthy passenger and general goods traffic. In many respects it is more reminiscent of the 3ft gauge lines of Ireland, where some of the inspiration for the model comes from.  Other inspiration comes from the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway (2’6” gauge) and the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway (2’ gauge). 

The stock and infrastructure reflect this “larger” narrow gauge outline. Stock is mostly kit or kit-bashed and the operators will be more than happy to discuss any aspect of the model.

Clyre Valley